Grab your man's attention and keep him mesmerized


a virtual bootcamp experience with LB

June 2, 2022
8:00pm Eastern Time

He can't keep his hands off me

Twelve years of marriage never felt so good. And it's not that everything is perfect, but I love how I've been showing up and how Mr. B has been responding to it.

There was something about you that got your man's attention when you first met. And then, somehow between work, the kids, and the other stuff that life throws at you, you've become Mrs. Married and lost that spark.

And it's time for you to get it back and be his "IT" girl again!

boot-camp is for you if:

  • You want to be a better wife/partner.
  • You want to get closer to your spouse/partner.
  • You want to be happier.
  • You want to get his attention.
  • You want him to pay attention to you.
  • You want to laugh and smile more.
  • You want that boyfriend/girlfriend type of vibe back.
  • You want to communicate better.
  • You're committed to doing your part.

(You don't have to be married to participate)

This bootcamp is for the woman who wants to add some "sparkle" back into your relationship. This is not designed to "save" your marriage--even though it might save your marriage. If you're having major problems, talking divorce or separation, please see a marriage counselor.

LB, The Wife Coach

Creator and instructor of the only intensive that's changing married women into happy, fun and irresistible wives.

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